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EVOQ is a result of the union between experienced craftsmanship and an understanding of what is relevant today. We wouldn't call ourselves trendsetters - because we are so much more than that. EVOQ is built with pride and passion, and we are working towards constantly surpassing our own standards of excellence. We have a legacy of more than three decades of bespoke craftsmanship behind us, and our roots propel us to move forth with courage and confidence. 

EVOQ works with the pulse of what the man today needs - what his lifestyle is, and how we can be a sublime part of his world - every single day. 

 EVOQ is what you turn to - no matter the occasion. EVOQ carries you from work to play, is in your wallet and is what you carry your essentials in. 

 We're what you live your life in - because everything we build has been structured keeping you in mind. 

We know what it takes to tackle rush hour commute, and we understand how important it is to make an impression in the board room. We're aware of the importance of that coffee date, too, and we're rooting for you!